Dogtag Membership Login

Please enter your Dogtag Number and Password to access your account.

Dogtag Membership Login

How do I log In?

  • 1st enter all the characters of your DOGTAG NUMBER: You can leave out the the letters if you like; just the numbers will do.
  • 2nd enter your password. You chose a password when you first bought your Dogtag Travel Insurance. If you've forgotten it, just click here and answer the questions. We'll then send you a reminder.

Why do I need To Log In?

When you log in to your DOGTAG member account you will be able to enter vital information for use in an emergency such as:

  • Vital Medical information. For example any current conditions you may have such as asthma or high blood pressure or any prescription drugs that you may be taking.
  • Vital Personal Information such as your next of kin or your doctor.
  • Manage your account - you can also correct certain data such as your postal address, phone number or email address and amend and update your password.

Logging in also allows you to check the details and currency of your Dogtag travel insurance and renew your coverage when the time comes.